Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Davidson adventure

This week has been crazy already, and it's only Tuesday morning!  Yesterday, I had the car and ran around almost non-stop to get everything done in one day. 

Thankfully, at least some of my running around was of the fun variety.  My friend, Star, and I went up to Davidson to drop off some more items at The Sanctuary.  It was so much fun to see things that I've made displayed right there in a store for everyone to see! 

Before we dropped them off, I wanted to get a few pictures of the totes that I finished last week.  Here's one of the great things about Star: if I hand her a bag and say "Here, pose with this," she really poses.  What a good sport. 

The bags I was dropping off are part of the big fabric design project that Steve and I have been working on this month.  I'll be sharing more about this later, once I have a few more samples sewn up. 

 After finishing the business portion of the trip, we walked around the Davidson College campus for a bit and ended up back downtown for lunch.  Going out to lunch is a rare treat for me and it was a great reprieve in the middle of a busy day. 

Although I've been to Davidson numerous times, I always find something new there.  And it's fun to show off a favorite place to someone else- Star had never been before!  There are lots of cool art installations around town and the campus is just beautiful. 

Today, I am thankful to be at home, plowing through my list of things to finish by the end of the month.  I just ordered some fabric for a project I need to deliver by the 30th.  Ambitious?  Yes.  Impossible?  Perhaps.  I like to give myself a little challenge every now and then. 


  1. Love the new material and bags!

  2. This is a fun post! Your bags are getting so much publicity. Awesome!



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