Friday, August 17, 2012

life is like a lemonade stand

Earlier this week, I passed a lemonade stand while driving through a neighborhood.  A lemonade stand!  I don't know how long it's been since I've seen one.  I didn't even know kids did things like set up lemonade stands anymore.  I thought they were all too busy texting. 

Of course, I had to stop.  I could see them all sit up a little straighter as I slowed the car down.  By the time I'd pulled over, they were at the passenger window.

"We're selling lemonade!"

"It's only twenty-five cents!!"


"Would you like one cup or two?!?!"

Their shrill little excited voices got louder and louder as they tried to talk over each other. 

I bought one cup, but paid for two, and got back in the car.  They waved and yelled goodbye and waved some more as I pulled off with my plastic cup, half full of pink lemonade and grass clippings. 

I know exactly how they were feeling. 

 I am thrilled every. single. time. somebody buys something that I've made.  It's just so gratifying.  I think we all feel that way when someone appreciates what we have to offer- whether it be lemonade or tote bags or a hot meal or a listening ear.  It's great to feel validated in our efforts, no matter how old you are. 

My efforts today include more sewing and lots of food preparations for the weekend ahead.  We have houseguests coming (yea!) and are expecting beautiful weather as well!  Hope your weekend is a happy one!

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