Friday, August 31, 2012


There are so many great things about Steve working from home, one of which is that there are always plenty of pictures for my blog.  It's like I have my own, personal papparazzi during the day as I sew and iron, sew and iron. 

It was actually a little shocking to see how many different times he caught me doing those two things, with different fabrics, in different rooms. 

But now- the sewing is complete!  At least until next week when we're back home and I have a whole new list of projects to tackle.  But for the next few days, there will be no sewing, only visiting and merry-making and showing off our hard work.  It will be the reward for aching shoulders and ironing after 9pm and eating barbeque chicken for a whole week because there's no time to cook

Next week, I'll be excited to share more about the local fabrics we've been designing and I'm totally open to suggestions for more locations.  Think about where you live.  Think about where you're from.  Think about the look on your relative's faces when they open their very own "Shelbyville, Illinois" tote bag on Christmas morning.  I'm just saying- we're leaving no small town behind. 

Choosing color palettes is one of the most fun things about designing fabric and we have pinned our huge color guide right up in the living room for inspiration.  I kind of want to upholster something with it, it's so cool. 

I can't wait to tell you all about our visitors, our weekend, and, most importantly, if it was cool enough to wear a scarf.  Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend- I'll meet you back here on Tuesday!

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