Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Hokie Made

We are back home again and still giddy with excitement over the trunk show.  It was so. much. fun.  It was also a huge amount of work and I feel overwhelmed just looking at the baskets of things yet to be unpacked, but it was totally worth it. 

Of course, I had lots of help from my business partner.  He came up with the idea for our sign, which I finished stitching about ten minutes before my sister and I had to leave to set up.  I wanted it to say "handmade by a Hokie".  Steve suggested "Hokie Made".  In the interest of time, I'm glad I went with his suggestion.

My family was amazing.  They helped out and hung around the store with me and generally made the weekend cheerful.  We ate lots of impromptu meals at strange hours and I didn't even mind because I was so glad to be with them. 

My mom's friends at On a Whim were pretty terrific too.  They took pictures and spread the word on Facebook and were just so supportive and enthusiastic about the whole thing.  And they were kind enough to give me an awesome space in the shop to display everything. 
Steve and I had multiple friends stop by to show their support and visit with us and it made the weekend even more fun. 
Corbin gave me full use of his iPod, Kelli let me take over her phone for an afternoon- we honestly could not have pulled this off without all of them.  I'm super grateful. 
And the best part is- we sold lots of merchandise!  I got to chat with customers, have a long list of custom orders to work on, and sold out of several different items. 
One thing that's going fast are the Blacksburg totes- I haven't even posted them in the shop yet, but am taking orders through Facebook or email.  I'll share pictures of those, as well as some of the other fabric I've been working on, later this week.  Right now, it's time to finish unpacking! 


  1. Girl...you are are a rockstar! i wish i lived closer so I could stop by the store.



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