Monday, September 24, 2012

they just keep growing

She was just as precious as I knew she'd be.  I love to study the face of a new baby and dream about what they will become.  So much promise in such a little package. 

It really does seem like just last week that this one was born, and now she's running around and yelling out "Uncle Steve!", just like her big sister. 

And her big sister, looking more and more like her mom every day, is now old enough to tell me things like "don't put too much brown sugar in Rose's oatmeal" and "do NOT use the overnight diapers".  If it came down to it, she could totally run that household. 

I love fall visits because the weather can't be beat.  The only thing better than a Saturday walk in the fall is a Saturday walk with friends in the fall. 

Leaving is the hardest part.  But every time I started to feel sad on the ride home, I reminded myself that I'd rather have wonderful friends to visit and miss than not to have them at all. 

My to-do list for the week is a mile long, but there is something about the crisp air that makes me feel like I can tackle anything!  

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