Thursday, September 20, 2012

moon walk

We chased the moon around the neighborhood the other night.  I love walking in the fall.  There is nothing quite like the crisp air to make you feel healthy and alive. 
I think that I have an extra appreciation for my health in the fall because one year I missed it.  I got sick and stayed sick right on into winter and I remember how sad I was to watch my favorite season pass by outside the windows without me. 
So now I wake up some days and I'm just so excited to be climbing out of bed and getting dressed.  I'm excited that I can sew and take care of the house during the day.  And, at night when we walk, I'm so thankful for the energy to put one foot in front of the other.  It's easy to take for granted the fact that we live and move and breathe every day- like it's a given.  But it's not a given, it's a gift. 
This week has been....crazy.  I can't think of how else to describe it.  And yet, this morning I am making soup and doing laundry and preparing to sew more tote bags.  I'm comforted by the consistency of these things.  I'm thankful for the routine of stirring something on the stove- I know how to make soup. 
I'm also thankful that Steve has been taking lots of pictures with our new camera lens- I don't think I've taken one all week!  I did, however, get some pictures last weekend of our newest dessert obsession- stop by tomorrow and I'll share the recipe!

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