Monday, September 17, 2012

you can keep your swedish meatballs

We've taken two trips to Ikea in the past ten days.  I'm not proud of it, but there it is. 
After dog-earing the heck out of the Ikea catalog, we decided to brave the store last Saturday.  The lure of inexpensive, solid wood furniture won out yet again over reason and sanity. 
The place was mobbed, as usual.  We wove our way through and I kept a detailed list of what we wanted and it seemed like things were going pretty smoothly. 
We were ready to leave.  Last step- collect your items from the warehouse and marketplace.  We searched and searched and couldn't find what we were looking for.  I started to get hungry.  We'd be in there for hours!  I may have suggested abandoning the mission. 
But Steve, having a stronger spirit, pushed us onward.  We went back upstairs in search of anyone who could offer help.  We found a kind employee with a computer.  He looked up all the items for us. 
They were out of all but two items.  I was outraged.  Steve was pretty mad too, although I know he doesn't appear to be, but believe me- this is his mad face.  He's just so darn cheerful it's hard to tell. 
We picked up the two items and left the store, vowing to never return.  Morale was low.  I even suggested creating some sort of signed statement, swearing off Ikea for life.  We came home, threw away the catalog, and assembled our furniture. 
But here's the thing: when you are looking for shelves and a cabinet to match your new Ikea desk, your best option is actually going to be... wait for it... Ikea.  I know- it's shocking. 
After searching all week, desperately trying to find these items elsewhere, we gave up and headed back to Ikea.  This time, I checked online first to see if the items we wanted were in stock.  We went in with game faces on and came out, an hour later, relatively unscathed. 
The good news is that I am beyond thrilled with how my sewing space looks.  Tonight we're assembling the last of the furniture and then the big task of moving all my fabric begins!  

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