Friday, September 14, 2012

rosemary wreath

With the chill in the air this week, I've been thinking about decorating for fall.  I have a couple boxes in the attic, filled with ceramic pumpkins and pressed leaves, but it certainly feels too early for that.  I'm wearing a tank top this afternoon, for heaven's sake. 

So I cleared off the summer mantle and wandered from room to room, as usual, looking for items that made a nice grouping.  I settled on some large white magnolia branches and the gold candle holders that I made last December and let those two things set the tone. 

I found a gold charger, some books, and a framed hydrangea print.  The only problem with this particular group is that everything is pretty short.  I like to have at least one tall piece on the mantle to break up the large expanse of white, but I just couldn't find anything that would work.
I decided that a wreath would be perfect, but of course none of the ones that I actually owned would do.  Way too easy.  So this morning found me staring out the back door for wreath supply inspiration.  My eyes landed on the rosemary. 

I cut twelve long stalks of rosemary.  I didn't set out to cut twelve.  I just kept cutting until the bush started to look a little empty. 

I got the trusty garden twine out of the garage. 

This project would have probably been way easier with a wreath form or some floral wire, but I didn't have either and it turned out okay.  I took six of the stalks and laid them in a circle-type shape with the ends overlapping. 

Starting at the bottom, I tied the twine around two stalks, securing them together. 

Then I wrapped the twine around the rosemary, making sure to secure all the ends.  Once I finished the initial wreath shape, I bent it and stretched it a little bit to make it more circular.  When I was pretty happy with the shape, I added the other six stalks, right on top, and continued wrapping the whole thing with twine until all the pieces were included. 

I added a bow, also made with twine, and hung it on a tiny nail.  I think it looks just right and it also makes the family room smell great. 
I'm thrilled that the weekend is finally here!  We're hoping to make some more headway on my office redo, plus enjoy the fall air!


  1. Very pretty! You have such an eye for lovely things.

  2. Hi Lauren: I love your use of gold items in your mantel, and that rosemary wreath is just lovely!



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