Friday, December 16, 2011

evidently spray paint doesn't expire

We're having friends over for dinner this weekend  and I was dying for some new table decorations to make the evening really festive.  Instead of one big centerpiece, I usually like to do something very low that runs the length of the table.  My default is to use all of the glass jars and candle holders I've collected over time, maybe spruced up with some ribbon or something.  But don't you think that December gatherings call for an extra dose of fancy? 

Me too. 

Enter gold spray paint. 

As I was rummaging through the kitchen for glass jars, a memory of once owning gold spray paint for a project in college pushed its way to the front of my mind.  I ran upstairs to check.  It was still there, right in the paint drawer! 

So, for this project you will need some old glass jars (I chose these jelly jars because of the ridges) and a can of gold spray paint.  Maybe you had some in college too? 

I set up some cardboard in the front yard and worked my way in a circle around the jars, spraying lightly.  After about ten minutes, I gave them a second coat.  Then I went on a walk to let them dry thoroughly. 

After an hour, they were ready to be sanded.  I used a fine grit sandpaper (probably 220 or 320) and spend some time sanding both the edges and the flat areas on each jar.  I wanted plenty of light to be able to get through. 

As a side note, this project is especially fun if it happens to be 60 degrees in December where you live.  Otherwise- maybe you'd want to move? 

I gave the jars a good hand wash in the sink and then they were ready to go on the table. 

Each jar got a candle and a piece of tulle tied around it.  For added flair. 

I'm so excited for this weekend!  We have several fun things planned, plus there should be plenty of time to cuddle in at home with our tree and some Christmas tunes.  I find myself savoring every Christmas-y moment as we rush towards the big day, and always wishing for more. 

Hope your weekend is full of holiday magic! 

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