Tuesday, December 06, 2011

winter here

This week has felt like the official beginning of the winter season to me.  I'm sure all the Christmas decorations are helping, but there are other signs as well. 

Yesterday found me wearing slippers, socks, and slipper-socks.  Try saying that five times fast.  I was cold down to my bones and I wasn't even outside. 

I have made both creamy chicken stew and veggie chili.  Don't you love winter meals that involve steam rising from a bowl of some sort? 

All I want to do is burn candles.  All day.  All night.  Candles candles candles.  They are like little fireplaces all over the house. 

Speaking of fireplaces, Steve turned ours on this morning as a treat.  Doing the abs section of our pilates video is slightly more pleasant with a fire and Christmas music.  Slightly. 

When we go upstairs at night past this garland, I find myself wishing for a long nightgown and a candle to hold.  You know, like in Little Women?  Well, even if you don't know, you can take my word for it- super festive. 

Sewing is such a cozy activity when it's dreary outside and I am thankful this week for a long list of orders to fulfill. 

I am LOVING my new sewing machine and excited to do some more embroidery today.  So far, we've just played around with little scraps of fabric, but today I tackle my first real embroidery project.

I'm hoping to finish all my work and chores a bit early and settle in with a cup of tea and my quilt for an afternoon of stitching happiness.    

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  1. I don't where to start. The fact that now there's chicken stew when I'm conveniently not there. Pilates video? Ab section? Tell me more about the weather yesterday. I spent the entire day locked to my laptop typing a paper. SO.MANY.QUESTIONS



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