Thursday, December 22, 2011


Over the past few weeks, we have had the joy and privilege of helping our friends prepare to bring their baby home.  He is their first child, a son.  They have been waiting for him for a long time. 

There is so much to do to prepare for a baby, isn't there?  We painted and set up furniture and shopped for clothes and bedding.  They knew that life would be different with a baby, that he would change their lives, and they wanted to be ready. 

This week, he is home.  There has been a constant stream of visitors, some from quite far away, all to welcome this baby.  They bring gifts.  They just want to see him.  To hold him. 

This is a very special baby. 

There is another Baby too, of course, that we're waiting for.  All of us.   

And every year, at this time especially, I try to get ready for Him.  To free up some space in my heart, in my life.  Knowing, counting on the promise, that He will change it completely. 

I don't know exactly what to expect.  I'm not sure how messy things will get.  There will almost definitely be sleepless nights. 

But how can I resist?  How can we?  At any other time of year, it's easier to shy away and make excuses.  But now, with the old story so fresh on our lips- is anyone immune to the wonder and joy of a Baby?

Let every heart prepare Him room.

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