Thursday, December 01, 2011

over the river and through the Food Lion parking lot

Happy December!  You know I always love the first of the month, but December 1st is my absolute favorite 1st.  I love December for the music and smells, wrapping gifts and seeing my favorite people, white lights everywhere and hot beverages.  December is also the month that Steve and I started dating (8 years ago) and got engaged (7 years ago), so I find it especially romantic. 

This year, through a series of circumstances somewhat related to the fact that we currently have one car, we decided to bring our tree home the old fashioned way.  As old fashioned as you can really be when purchasing a tree from Food Lion. 

I like to think that we gave people something to talk about over dinner that night-

Husband: I was driving to work this morning and saw this man emerging from the woods with a Christmas tree on his back.

Wife: Have you been drinking again? 

Oh, because did I mention that after we purchased the tree from Food Lion, we definitely walked down the street a bit and stopped to take pictures in front of a big wooded lot, like maybe we had just cut it down?  Yes, yes we did. 

We're going to decorate this weekend and I can't wait.  I can't wait for almost everything about December. 

Today I am burning holiday-scented candles with reckless abandon and listening to a CD labeled "Christmas Music- 7 hours". 

Welcome back, December.  Why'd you stay away so long? 

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  1. I couldn't love 2 people more :) Counting down the days 'til you're here!!!



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