Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We traveled on Thanksgiving day this year, something we usually try not to do.  I have a very specific agenda for Thanksgiving morning and travel tends to complicate the schedule. 


When we arrived at my mom's house, I found the Macy's parade (NBC style) already on.  There was a fresh newspaper, full of Black Friday ads, waiting for me.  There was also a plate of cinnamon rolls and hot tea and I found myself full of gratitude for my mom and sister who went out of their way to make the morning great for me. 

The weather was gorgeous and as we walked the neighborhood, we enjoyed the last of the leaves.  I was full of admiration for their bright colors, as our leaves at home are now mostly brown. 

We had a dog race and I won. 

As someone who loves to both cook and eat, I find Thanksgiving dinner pretty awesome. 

We took our time getting the food ready, as we waited for the last family members to straggle in.  I love not having to rush a turkey- can I get an amen?

Finally, the table was full, and so were our plates. 

And our stomachs.  I don't think about it as often as I should, but sometimes I am just overwhelmed with thanks that we always have enough to eat.  Always.  We are so blessed. 

We spent the rest of the weekend visiting old friends and getting into the holiday spirit.  I forgot how much I had missed the lighted wreaths in my old hometown until I saw them again.  I grew up loving those wreaths. 

And as if that wasn't a full weekend of fun, we also threw a Plumfield party on Saturday night.  We set out lots of Christmas pillows and tables of goodies and had a great time with Mom's friends who came. 

We are in full-on party season, with one last night and another this coming weekend, and Steve and I were just talking last night about how much fun we're having.  Making things that I love and sharing them with people is my favorite thing. 

There is lots of holiday excitement around here this week.  Stay tuned for pictures! 

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