Tuesday, November 22, 2011

small business saturday, among other things

Before I tell you about small business Saturday, which I am very excited about, I need you to inspect this picture of our lawn.  I want to make sure that you are properly impressed by the lack of leaves.  We spent the better part of last Sunday raking, bagging, mowing, and coaxing all the leaves out of the yard.  It must have been important, because when I looked for pictures to show what we did with ourselves over the weekend, these were what I found. 

Nary a leaf in sight. 

Aside from leaf removal, errand running, and general home maintenance, I must confess that we also started listening to Christmas music.  Some years I wait until after Thanksgiving.  Some years I don't.  It is what it is. 

Now: about your Christmas shopping.  I am so excited to be a part of the second annual Small Business Saturday.  Taken directly from the official website, Small Business Saturday is "a day dedicated to supporting small businesses on one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year".  It is sponsored by American Express, who is even giving a $25 credit to qualifying customers who choose to "shop small" this Saturday. 

In celebration of what I think is just an all around great idea, I am going to be offering a coupon code to my customers on Saturday only.  I think that handmade gifts are the best gifts, so take a look at the shop between now and Saturday to see what would make the perfect gift for someone on your list.  Then enter the coupon code "MERRY" anytime on Saturday, November 26th to receive 20% off your entire order!  Just think- you could sleep in on Black Friday, secure in the knowledge that your shopping can be done from the comfort of your own home on Saturday. 

I'm excited to share with you later this week some projects we've been working on around here.  Today I finished pinning all the layers of my quilt together, just in time to take it with me for some hand stitching over Thanksgiving.  I love a project that can travel!  Tomorrow I'll share pictures of the process so far!

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  1. What a beautiful home you have Lauren and all your stuff is so cute! Hope you are doing well & that Small Business Saturday is very successful for you! :) ~Jada



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