Tuesday, November 01, 2011

exactly what you'd expect

One evening over the weekend, Steve and I decided to make chai, from scratch.  There was a recipe in the newest issue of Southern Living that I'd been dying to try. 

After we'd cleaned up from dinner (leftover minestrone), I opened the magazine to find the recipe and get started and there it was- a very appealing picture of a mug full of chai, sitting next to a sweet potato pound cake.

I said, "Steve, I think we should make this pound cake to go with our chai.  I have all the ingredients!"

Steve said, "Tonight?!?"

We spent the evening moving between working in the kitchen and watching shows on Hulu.  At one point, I was mixing the cake batter while Steve sang the German national anthem.  In German.  All three verses. 

Then he said, "You know, this is probably how a lot of people picture our weekends- you baking a cake while I sing to you in German." 

When the cake was finally done (about an hour after our usual bedtime), Steve commented that it was a good thing that Southern Living hadn't featured a rack of lamb next to the chai recipe. 

Aside from making sweets, we also made fabulous tuna melts, played outside in the leaves, took scarf pictures, and schemed up things for the upcoming holiday season. 

Since it's finally turned chilly here, we are making hot beverages like it's our job.  On Thursday, I'll share some of our favorite recipes so that you can make some for your own thermos!


  1. I'm disappointed that we did not have cake or German while I was there. DISAPPOINTED.

  2. TheHungarianWhoLovestoSinginGermanToo!November 2, 2011 at 8:40 PM

    DEUCHLAND deuchland..... yay! i wish i would have been there to harmonize with steve :) and i am NOT disappointed that we didn't have cake while i was there b/c you made me all kinds of WONDERFUL other things and for that i'm very grateful ;)



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