Monday, October 31, 2011

the intern

This is an exciting week in the history of Plumfield Shop- we have our very first intern* starting today!  I've been making lists of tasks to be done by "someone else" for quite some time now, so you can imagine my happy surprise when I found out that I was actually getting "someone else" to hand that list over to!

Since I'm sure you're all insanely curious, I interviewed our new intern about his life, career goals, and being a recent college graduate:

Lauren:  Tell us the most important thing you learned in college.

Intern:  Reciprocity goes a long way. (Personally, I just think he was showing off here that he learned big words in college like "reciprocity".)

L: On a scale of 1-10, just how excited are you to be interning at Plumfield Shop? Feel free to use a score higher than 10.

I: 10 easy. With a great owner, great products, and great location, what’s not to be excited about?

L: What are you most excited about regarding this internship?

I: I’m most excited about getting to use some of the knowledge I gained during college to help someone. I also really like the fact that since Plumfield Shop is not a massive business(yet), my interactions with the owner will more than likely yield results based off my input.

L: What is your favorite item in the shop and why?

I: Believe it or not, I do not often purchase items like Plumfield Shop offers, but currently I would say my favorite item is the fabric lanyard because I often misplace my keys and what better way to locate them than to have a brightly colored lanyard attached. If any future products are Virginia Tech themed then they would maybe sneak into the role of my favorite item.
L: Is it or is it not true that you used to love manatees?
I: It is very true that I used to love manatees. When I was a just a young lad, I had many manatee figurines and other memorabilia. Going to Florida and seeing the manatees in person was one of the highlights of my childhood.
L:  If you were going to sew something, what would it be?  Actually, would you like to learn how to sew?  I could probably teach you. 
I: Is hemming the same as sewing? Because if it is then I would want to be able to hem my own suits because they charge you way too much to do that, and if you want to teach me that would be useful, my future wife already thanks you.
L:  Describe your dream job.  It’s okay if this is it. 
I: My dream job is to be the head football coach of the Washington Redskins, or for any professional football team for that matter. After my head coaching career, I retire and become a professional poker player.
L:  How strange is it to be living in California, having grown up on the East Coast?  What are your favorite and least favorite things so far about the West Coast?
I: It honestly isn’t as strange as I thought it would be having lived on the east coast my whole life. A few things have surprised me however. First of all, the San Francisco Bay is enormous, I greatly underestimated its size. Second, everything in the bay area is very close to each other. I am currently five minutes outside of Oakland and it only takes me about 25 minutes to get to downtown San Francisco(barring traffic) and around an hour to get to wine country up in Napa or Sonoma. Lastly, everyone out here has been extremely nice. Maybe I have just gotten lucky with who I have met, but so far everyone is very accommodating and friendly. So far I do not have any least favorite things, but I will keep you updated.
L: If you prove to be such a valuable asset to the company that I can no longer imagine running it without you, would you be interested in a permanent unpaid position with Plumfield Shop?  Just thinking ahead...
I: I’ll have my people talk with your people.
I can already tell that this is going to be great.  Stay tuned for more of our adventures later this week- while he's researching ad space, I'll be sewing some Christmas pillows.  I love teamwork!

*The intern grew up in a small town with three big sisters and lived to tell about it.  Upon graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in Consumer Studies, he promptly moved across the country to California like the bold man that he is.  He is quite popular with the ladies and can often be found watching sports, playing sports, or thinking about sports.  He is also quite tall. 

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  1. your intern was actually in my dream 2 nights ago. in my dream i was sleeping on the blow up bed with my husband (which i actually was) and in that dream your intern was there too. on the bed. it was a little weird but i guess that this dream happened probably due to the fact that i grew up chasing him around the house whenever i was over and wanted to give him a thrill...



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