Monday, October 03, 2011

don't eat those- they look bad

The impromptu yard sale?  I would consider it a huge success.  The weather was great, we made some money, and we got rid of most of the stuff we set out.  And the rest went to Goodwill later in the day, so now our house is a bit lighter. 

The free coffee and baked goods?  Not as popular as we thought they might be, but still worth having.  We weren't selling any toys, so the brownies were the biggest hit with the ten and under crowd.  Except for one little girl, who I overheard telling her sister, "Don't eat those- they look bad."

It took me several minutes to stop giggling. 

We closed up shop around 11:00 and headed out, like responsible yard sale throwers, to take down our signs.  Three of the six had disappeared.  I am so curious as to where they went, but think that we'll probably never know.  Oh, the unsolved mysteries of life. 

Over the sunny weekend, I was finally able to get some pictures of this wreath I made last week.  I saw the idea here and modified it so that I didn't have to purchase any supplies.  I just used some leftover felt and fleece, an old grapevine wreath that used to be decorated but had since been striped of its decoration, and some fabric scraps.  Oh, and the trusty glue gun. 

The whole project probably took two hours and the little flowers are so much fun to make!  If I had more felt, I would cover the entire wreath with flowers.  Maybe next year I'll add some more! 

 The past three days of beautiful weather have caused me to declare that I may just love October as much as I love September.  We have lots of things to be excited about this month and one of those things is SOUP!  I made my first batch this weekend (which was kind of a disaster because I cut some poblano peppers and they burned my hands so badly that I had to sleep clutching an ice pack, but that just goes to show you the lengths I will go to for soup) and it was delicious and I'm having leftovers for lunch today and dreaming of a new kind of soup every. single. week. 

This seems like the perfect day to start laying out the squares for our new quilt, so I'm off to crawl around on the floor for a bit. 


  1. So you're bringing soup with you when you visit?

  2. Sneaking out for a Sonic sweet tea $1.29. Getting yelled at on a 6 hour trip back to Richmond...priceless! You do what you got to do in order to "treat yo self". -AW



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