Friday, September 30, 2011

the week we decided to have a yard sale

If you don't already know this about us, we're planners.  Think-it-through, weigh-your-options, make-a-list planners.

So when we decided, approximately three days ago, to have a yard sale this Saturday, no one was more surprised than we were. 

Except maybe for my bff, who found out via Facebook. 

Yesterday I made some signs and we drove around in the dark last night to hang them up.  Then we got all the "get rid of" bags out of the attic and set them in the garage.  That was the extent of our yard sale prep. 

Today's yard sale prep has included glancing in the garage about three times at the bags of stuff and baking two dozen muffins and a pan of brownies. 

You know I don't like to invite people over without serving food. 

Truthfully, the idea came from the fact that Steve reminded me it would be cold Saturday morning.  So I decided that we should serve coffee from our new thermos to the shoppers.  And then I thought that I could make some muffins and things and have a little bake sale table too. 

Today is gorgeous and I wish that I could settle down outside and stare at the mums for the rest of the afternoon.  But I think I need to do something about those bags in the garage. 

Hope your weekend is the perfect start to October!  If you're nearby, you should stop by tomorrow for some coffee and muffins! 

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