Tuesday, September 06, 2011

shop update

I used up all my blogging time today posting new items in the shop.  I've still got several more things to post, so be sure to stop in tomorrow as well to see it all.  

These new checkbook covers are ready just in the nick of time- I sold the last of the old ones last week.  I'm also working on a matching purse to go with them that will be ready in a couple weeks. 

I've sewed up a couple of new baby blankets for all those cold babies.  It's almost fall, you know. 

And the scarves.  Oh, the scarves.  Even though I almost got heat stroke hanging out in the yard with sweaters and scarves on for these pictures, I was still super excited to be wearing a scarf once again. 

Come on back tomorrow and I'll tell you about the long weekend!

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