Tuesday, September 27, 2011

poetry night

I've been cutting fabric for most of the day and, as a result, almost everything in the house is covered in fabric scraps.  Or tape measures, apparently. 

One of the things I found most surprising once I started learning to sew was that sewing is about 30% measuring and cutting, 50 % ironing, and 20% actual sewing. 

In other news, two weeks ago, Steve introduced Poetry Night.  I think it's destined to be a family tradition.  We take turns choosing a theme and style of poetry, and then on Saturday night, everyone reads their poems aloud.  I say "everyone" because everyone who is in the house on Saturday night has to participate.  Thankfully, my mom was eager to be included and she actually finished her poem before we had started working on ours. 

This week's theme was "travel" and the required form was haiku.  I think mom took her poem home with her (feel free to leave it in the comments, Mom), but here are Steve's and my poems, respectively:

Horizons unwind
Wind, Clouds, Sky, Sunrise, Let’s go
Wheels, air, earth, sunset

Suitcase in my hand
The open road stretches out
Home seems far behind

I find it so interesting that short poems, written in the same style, with the same theme, can be so different.  As I was writing mine, I had this idea in my head that Steve and Mom were probably writing almost the same thing as me. 

Steve hasn't chosen next week's theme yet, but I'll keep you posted!

Today was a super exciting mail day- TWO fall magazines!  I'm hoping to sneak in some time to look at them once I finish all my work today.  Both covers have me wishing (again) for pumpkins!


  1. Here's my poem:
    Unknown Excitement
    Endless Love Adventure Hope
    Lasting Memories

    I loved doing this! Can't wait to hear what Steve picks out for this week. I want to be included on Saturdays too. It was great fun! Love you girl:)

  2. How funny! I'm only anonymous because thats all my computer would let me do. Actually I am the proud mother of Lauren!

  3. Is this a spin off of Adam and mine's 'something each night of the week' good for you for starting something fun! i would love to get big A writing some poetry but the good news is, we'll be there on a Sat. night soon!! XOXO



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