Monday, September 12, 2011

one of us got older this weekend

I had a great weekend celebrating my favorite person.  In fact, I had so much fun that sometimes I felt like it may actually be my birthday. 

We started the day with breakfast on the porch and enjoyed the cool September air.  And it really felt like a special occasion because we each got our own Starbucks drink and usually we just share one. 

We spent almost the whole day outside- reading in the yard in the morning, lunch on the patio at Dean and Deluca, and a trip to a garden in the afternoon. 

You know how much we love gardens. 

This particular one- the Wing Haven Garden and Bird Sanctuary- we had never visited before, even though it is right here in Charlotte.  This garden is actually in the middle of a neighborhood because it used to be someone's backyard.  The owners were passionate about gardening and when they died, the house and yard and a few lots on either side became a public garden.  Visiting made me imagine, yet again, what amazing things we could be doing with our own quarter acre. 

Probably the most exciting part of the garden tour was when I looked up and saw pomegranates growing on a tree!  I mean, have you ever?  I had NO idea that you could grow pomegranates in North Carolina!

All of the outdoor time was great, but my favorite part of the birthday was Steve's genius idea.  Since we weren't going out of town as originally planned, he suggested that we use those funds to buy some new linens and make it feel like we were on vacation at home. 

We had so much fun filling a shopping cart with new towels, pillows, sheets, and a gorgeous linen duvet cover.  After lots of laundry, it was all clean and ready to go and I must say that last night I slept like a rock. 

Celebrating Steve is one of my favorite things to do- every year I like him more and more. 

This week is pretty busy with outside-of-the-house work, but I did find time today to finish the new bag design I've been working on.  I'll share pictures soon! 


  1. It's wonderful with you.

  2. Oh I agree, wonderful is the right word!



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