Monday, September 19, 2011


This weekend, we bought a present for ourselves. 

We've been on a hunt for a thermos.  And not just any old one either- a large, metal, old school thermos. 

I had the idea that Crate and Barrel might have just such a thermos and- would you believe it?- they did! 

I think I should interrupt my thermos story at this point though to tell you that we really like Crate and Barrel boxes.  They are very sturdy and great to have on hand if you happen to mail a lot of packages, which we do.  So, gift or no gift, we try to ask for a box every time we purchase something there. 

The friendly Crate and Barrel employee who checked us out really went above and beyond though.  She swaddled that thermos in packing paper like a newborn.  Then she went to another desk to find the fancy purple tissue paper to put on top. 

She threw in a gift receipt.  She put a handle and gift tag on the outside of the box and sent us on our way with our gift. 

Neither of us could bring ourselves to admit that it was for us. 

So we got home and Steve opened that gift like it was Christmas morning, while I snapped pictures like I didn't know what was inside. 

It was actually quite festive. 

We were saved the trouble of naming our new thermos, as he is already wearing a name tag.  Stanley.  I think it fits. 

Stay tuned for pictures later this fall of Steve and I drinking all sorts of fancy hot beverages while sitting on a flannel blanket surrounded by leaves.  Oh the fun we'll have!

1 comment:

  1. 1. We seriously need to hang out
    2. I love this post
    3. I cannot wait for blankets, pumpkin flavored treats, fireplaces and sweaters.



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