Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday goes by in a blur

It's been dark outside for six days straight, but I am forging ahead and posting awful, grainy, blurry pictures.  Because I think that blogs without pictures are boring. 

Lanyards, anyone? 

A teacher friend suggested that I make some lanyards for people who have to wear a name badge at work and I've been busily researching swivel clips and split rings.  And what I found out is that hardware is a lot harder to shop for than fabric.  And less pretty.  But functional, definitely functional. 

I finished a sample today and have been wearing it around the house, wishing for a badge of some sort. 

This was my attempt at a close-up to show you that the end has both a clip AND a key ring.  Fancy, I know.  

So how about I keep making cute lanyards and then wait for some sun and then take lots of great pictures and show those too?  Okay?  Okay. 

I'm cutting myself off on lanyard-making for today though because I have a million other way more practical things I should be doing.  I'm aiming to finish my work day by 3pm because that's when my mom arrives!  We have so many fun ideas about things to do this weekend while she's here!  It always feels a bit like a holiday when mom comes and I love getting ready for visitors. 

Hope your weekend is lovely!  See you back here on Monday!

*wondering where the fall decoration pictures are?  The decorations are up, but there will be no decent picture taking in this dark dungeon.  Hopefully next week....

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