Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Today is my first regular work day in three weeks.  As a result, the mailbox is crammed full of packages, my outstanding order list is so small that it fits on one page, and I've dreamed up at least eight new projects.  

Oh, the danger of too much time.  

I will admit that I felt a twinge of separation anxiety when I dropped Arthur off at school this morning.  He just looks so small there.  I think that I'm not used to seeing him untethered like that. At home, he's always attached to some truck or bike, or my legs.  In public, we have him by the hand or he's in the shopping cart.  But he's shy in the mornings at school, so he stands exactly in the middle of the classroom while his teacher tries to converse with him.  He stares at the floor and he's a little island and I have to leave without looking back or else I'd gather him up for another goodbye kiss. By the end of the day, he's running and shrieking on the playground, so happy to be there.  And I, of course, am happy I left him.  The time apart is good for us both and these ties won't sew themselves.  

Christmas Morning.  The first and only time the new bike will be in our house.  And yes, we do have traffic cones inside- thank you for asking.  

My thoughts have been all over the place about this new year we're in, but I keep coming back to one thought, one word, really.  


Move forward, look forward, lean forward.  Steve and I have kind of a running joke about leaning forward because one time when I was very sick, I mentioned that I had to lean forward to give myself enough momentum to get up the stairs.  But it's not a bad analogy for many spots in life- things get rough, just lean forward.  

I'm excited to look ahead and not behind.  Whatever last year was or wasn't, this new year will be something completely different.  

Speaking of completely different... I found this picture on the camera today and feel like it really sums up a lot of what I love about Arthur and Steve- that one of them was vacuuming shirtless and the other was snapping pictures of it.  Brilliant.  


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