Wednesday, April 06, 2011

my bff (x 4)

One of the great things about my best friend having a family is that now it's like there is more of her.  While I used to just have her to love and enjoy, now I have her husband (who is also one of my oldest friends) and her girls (one of whom is like a mini version of her).  What a treat when the people you love best multiply into more people to love. 

You can guarantee that a Winters visit won't be complete without Mia and Uncle Steve making up a new game.  In this case, walking laps around the house inside a nylon tunnel, while singing "Let's go out to the kitchen...".  And while this picture only shows Mia in the tunnel, you can bet there was plenty of Steve in the tunnel as well.  Plenty.

Natalie fixed us delicious meals all weekend.  I sure do love home cooked meals that I didn't have to cook. 

Doesn't this look great?  Natalie is adventerous in the kitchen and is always whipping up recipes that I would pass right over.  While this may look like a tame meal, I can tell you that it inclues half a box of lemon jello powder.  Surprisingly tasty.     

You don't really get a lot of space or a moment to yourself when you have an almost-three year old around.  She needs to investigate everything.  She is also currently obsessed with knowing people's whole name.  This meant that one morning we woke up to her trying to find out the whole name of the family cat.  Vinnie Boy Winters, if you were curious. 

Being at Natalie's meant that she was available to be my personal stylist, so I had my hair done properly for the wedding.  None of my usual wash, air dry, and hope for the best.  Sweet Cheeks wanted hers done too.  She's got kind of a mohawk thing going on right now and she may be a little self conscious about it. 

In the end, as usual, we were all worn out from having so much fun.  Even Vinnie Boy Winters. 

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  1. So glad you'll had a fun visit! These almost 3 year olds are busy, aren't they?! Love the pics of Miss Rose. Those are some really sweet cheeks!



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