Monday, April 04, 2011

race you to the altar

One of our oldest and dearest college friends got married this weekend in a cute little church with a red door.  I love churches with red doors. 

I love college friend's weddings because they are like mini-reunions.  We got to catch up with a lot of people who we almost never see anymore. 

And we got to see Eric get married.  As we drove home yesterday, we started adding up the number of weddings that we have been to with Eric and we counted up to 11, but I think there may actually be more.  We have a long and fun history of weddings with Eric.  Eric is a wedding organizer extraordinaire.  I even caught him trying to DJ his own wedding a couple of times.  You just can't stop him.

The reception was at a farm in Nowhere, Virginia, but we made it there on the first try. 

The food was good and the drinks were plentiful. 

They served three types of cupcake in lieu of a regular cake and the one that I had was delicious.  It had real strawberries in the icing.  Steve had one chocolate cupcake and then was out on the dance floor shaking it "like a Polaroid picture". 

We were a bit unprepared for how chilly it would be, so we did spend a good part of the evening trying to keep warm.  There were two heaters to huddle around and I wrapped my legs in the table cloth during dinner.  We also spent some warm-up time in the car.

Sara rocked her very stylish raincoat and this lovely head covering for warmth.  I may have been wearing my slippers and a fleece vest over my dress, but you won't be seeing any pictures of that because this is my blog and I control the pictures. 

Every time a friend gets married, I think to myself (and usually write in their wedding card), "I hope they love being married as much as Steve and I do." 

It's true- I love being married.  It's my favorite thing. 

What worked out rather perfectly is that this wedding took place near the home of our best friends.  So when we weren't out eating and dancing, we had the rest of the weekend to spend with them.  Tomorrow I'll share some pictures of the rest of the fun!

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