Wednesday, April 27, 2011

what moms want

Don't you think that handmade gifts are best, even if you didn't make them with your own hands?  There is just something about giving someone a present that has been crafted with care, that is one-of-a-kind.  They've never seen it at Target before.  It's just for them.

Many of the items in my shop have been created with moms in mind (my mom, other moms I know, maybe even your mom?) and I wanted to share some of them as Mother's Day gift ideas.  But there are also lots of amazing items in other Etsy shops that would make great gifts, so I am including some of those as well. 

This fabric rose wreath by Fa Sew La Stitches is so lovely and the best part is that you can custom pick your colors!  I love this pink and purple one, but all of the combinations are really pretty.

This travel bag is not necessarily budget-friendly, but gosh is it fun!  The Wren has all shapes and sizes of amazing bags made out of old coffee sacks.  Their style is distinctive and unique and I love the idea of reusing old materials.

To toss into your larger travel bag, how about these cute zipper pouches from Plumfield Shop?  When I made this set, I envisioned using the larger bag for cosmetics and the smaller one for jewelry.  You could even hide a sweet gift inside like....

this necklace!  What a sweet reminder of all the little chicks in her nest!  MDsparks has such cute jewelry and you won't believe the prices!  Earrings start at $7!  I also love that you can get different colored pearls and not just white. 

While we're talking about jewelry, check out these fancy earrings from cardinalhouse.  I think that the turquoise would be a lovely pop of color with a white summer dress. 

I am (obviously) partial to this super cool burlap pillow.  When I found the screen printed garden fabric, I knew I needed a great way to showcase it.  This pillow looks great right in the center of the sofa because it is so long.  It would also be nice on a (covered) outdoor bench. 

I do not have a monopoly on pillows though, because here is another one that I loveThree Red Apples is a fun shop that features amazing freehand machine doodling, plus a great mixture of pattern and texture.  Each piece is truly unique. 

Moving away from fabric for just a minute, how about some handmade goat milk soap?  It's great for your skin and the lavender scent is so relaxing!  The folks at Rose of Sharon Acres make a whole line of personal care items that are really good for your skin and teeth.  I think that special soap is a great gift because it turns a necessity into a treat!

I'm sure you remember this classy number, but I just had to include it since it was inspired by my mom (and by the way, she is loving hers, so it's already mom-tested and approved).  Don't forget that, while it was created for a checkbook, it's also great for coupons.  You could slip a Starbucks gift card inside for an extra treat!

This In Touch Clutch by downstairs Designs is such a great idea!  Don't you think you'd be more likely to write thank you notes if you had all your supplies ready to go in a stylish clutch?  Wouldn't your mom love to write thank you notes for all the awesome Mother's Day gifts she's received?  You could fill this with cute cards and a book of stamps- it already comes with a pen!

If art is more mom's thing, check out this cheerful bird family print entitled "Love beneath the lemon meringue sky".  enrouge has so many beautiful prints that it was VERY hard to pick just one- be sure to check them all out. 

And last, but certainly not least, how about a silky spring scarf?  The great thing about scarves is that they are one size fits all and there are so many different ways to wear them!  I still have three different color choices in the shop, so be sure to grab one before they're all gone!

I can't speak for the other shop owners, but all of my items are ready to ship, so you still have plenty of time to order before Mother's Day.  Thanks for gawking with me over all the great stuff available and I hope you've been inspired by something you saw! 

*photo credit goes to the shop owner for each item*

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  1. Awesome finds! Thanks for adding my earrings in here!



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