Thursday, March 31, 2011

rainy days

One of the fun things about preparing for a craft fair is that I get to use up fabrics that have been hanging around here for a bit.  And of course, using up my fabric stash means that I get to buy more fabric to replace it. 

Another great thing is that I can try out new projects that are not quite suited for my online shop.  Things that are too big to ship or that you really need to get up close and personal with.  I am really excited about these monogram canvases and have made several to showcase at the fair. 

I'm also working on a big batch of stuffed balls, which are one of my favorite things to make.  The pieces look like flower petals after they've been cut and then all of a sudden they come together and look more like deflated balloons and then I stuff them and then- bam!- it's a ball.  And I'm having a ball. 

Rainy days are perfect for sewing and being at home and I've just had the perfect rainy day. 

ps- super grainy pictures courtesy of the rainy day. sorry.

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