Tuesday, March 08, 2011

spring break 2011

On Sunday night, I baked two apple pies.  I also made a large potato casserole and a big pot of green beans while Steve grilled eight pounds of chicken.

Yesterday?  Well, between laundry and several appointments, I whipped up six feet of garlic bread, two lasagnas and a pan of brownies. 

This can only mean one thing. 

The boys are back in town.

That's right, it's spring break week and we are hosting my brother and four of his friends.  They are in the midst of a serious Frisbee golf tournament and can be seen around town wearing headbands, filthy sneakers, and t-shirts that say "Nationals".  And sometimes a wrestling singlet. 

I took pictures of the house before they arrived, just so I could remember what it used to look like.

I took pictures of the house after they had been here one night so that I could have them handy for the next time they ask to come visit. 

I'm a little bit kidding.

But not totally.

Please note in the picture above that one of them seems to have packed in a large plastic milk crate.

This afternoon I am making 18 beef enchiladas. 

One summer, I was a cook at Young Life camp for a month.  We had other staff that did the serving and cleaning up.  All I had to do was cook for 400 campers.  Looking back, it seems like kind of a posh job. 

I will say this though: they eat everything I put in front of them, no questions asked, and they always say thank you.  Which is more than I can say for the campers. 

Tomorrow I'll share a bit more of what we've been up to around here.  Spoiler alert: it will probably be boys wrestling and more food.  You can bet your bottom dollar that there's been no time for sewing. 

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