Wednesday, March 09, 2011

what happens in Charlotte, stays in Charlotte

One of the highlights of the week, for me, has been watching the guys play a card game that is similar to War, but involves deciding which superhero could win in a fight.  There were some serious debates, but everyone could agree that the blind guy and the girl would lose to everyone.  What I want to know is how you even get to be a superhero at all if you're blind.  Come on. 

They stumble around with glasses and messy hair for half an hour while they eat cereal and gear up for the day.  Then they are off to the first course and I clean up the kitchen and prep for lunch.

They do make their own sandwiches. 

In between all the Frisbee golf and eating and basketball games, there is a lot of this.  I find it strange, but then I've never been a boy.

I also find things like this tower of snacks and prizes, all over the house.  They bought prizes for the winner of each course.  Prizes like a SpongeBob game and "Shark vs Octopus".  If you haven't seen it yet, apparently neither the shark nor the octopus actually win.  Disappointing.

They're leaving tomorrow and I'm almost a little sad.  As messy and hungry as they are, they are also very funny.  And it's a rare treat to have so much time to hang out with my little brother, who is one of my favorite guys in the world. 

Nine years ago, I was right where he is now- going on my last spring break trip with friends and looking ahead to lots of unknown.  Looking back, I'm so glad that we took those trips and made those memories then, while we could.  And when he's working an office job and has bills to pay and spring break trips are a thing of the distant past, I hope that he'll be able to remember this one fondly and say, "We'll always have Nationals." 

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