Friday, March 04, 2011

how to organize your recipes in style

On my list of goals for 2011 (I don't really do resolutions, but I like to have goals), two of the items were somewhat interrelated.  One goal was to get rid of the stacks of old magazines in our hall closet.  The other was to organize all of my recipes, a lot of which come from magazines. 

Once I completed the magazine task (I believe I was able to knock that one out while "watching" the Superbowl), I started on the recipes.  I divided them into piles, and then divided the piles into smaller piles.  Once I had them organized by type, I stapled them back to back and punched holes in each sheet. 

I used card stock to make dividers for each of the three binders I was planning to use.  The binders are labeled "meals", "sides", and "sweets", and each binder has five or six sections. 

Since I was using old leftover college binders and I planned to leave them out on the kitchen counter, I decided to make fabric covers for each one. 

I made a pocket for both the inside front and inside back so that I can slip in recipes that haven't been hole-punched yet, or are too small.  The binders originally had those plastic pockets, so I made my pockets the exact same size. 

I embroidered the labels onto the front of each binder and I think it makes them look cute and old fashioned, like maybe they belonged to someone's grandma. 

While making the covers, I was reminded of the old school days of book covers.  Remember how you had to cover your text books and some kids had fancy book covers with unicorns or teen idols on them?  My book covers were always made out of Food Lion bags.  And look at me now- I guess I showed them. 

So, my new recipe binders are now lined up on the counter between the toaster and the knife block, looking snazzy.  I wonder if I'll find myself cooking more, just because it's so easy to find the recipes...

I am toying with the idea of putting some binder covers in my shop, but not sure if anyone else would be interested.  What do you think?  Would you ever have a need for customized binder covers?  Does anyone even use binders anymore? 
This weekend is looking SUPER busy with wedding directing, teaching Sunday school, and a whole passel of house guests showing up on Sunday afternoon.  I think that this is the kind of weekend that you need a weekend to recover from.  Hope yours is a bit more relaxing!

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