Thursday, March 03, 2011

March Mantle (not to be confused with March Madness)

You may remember my post about the challenges of creating a mantle display in January.  This year I found March almost equally challenging, due to a super-late Easter*.  It is way too soon to get out the bunnies and eggs, my friends. 

So, to come up with a mantle display that speaks to the current season, I have been brainstorming ideas about March.  Green, growing things, a few flowers, open and airy.  March, in a nutshell. 

Once I have a general theme in my head, I go around the house looking for things in the color scheme that I want.  I try to find items of varying heights and textures, to make it interesting. 

Just like last time, I'll give a quick rundown of what is up there and where it came from:

Four green books (which were picked for their color, but actually all happen to be great reads as well- A Common Life by Jan Karon; Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver; A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeleine L'Engle; Food Rules by Michael Pollan)

Three small white pots with white flowers (out of a terrarium that came from Target years ago)

Tall metal flower candle holder (Walmart, also many years ago.  This was a gift from my little brother when he was probably 11ish.  We saw it together and I mentioned how much I liked it and he remembered to go back and get it for me for Christmas.  What a sweet kid :) )

Large canvas (Michaels) covered in green damask fabric (Fabric World, now out of business)

Green and gold painted ceramic flower pot (a hand painted gift) filled with dried hydrangea blooms (from our yard)

Several clear tea light holders (Pier One)

I love how different it looks in here now, with just a few quick changes.  The green on the mantle matches all the green I see outside and all of a sudden it looks like spring. 

I think that the urns fit in quite nicely.  I can't wait for the hydrangeas to start blooming again because I have used up every single dried bloom in the house and find myself wanting more.  They're like a lovely free vase filler. 

I'm almost done with my latest project and will be posting pictures of it tomorrow.  See you then!

*Have you ever wondered how to figure out which Sunday is Easter?  Easter Sunday is always the first Sunday following the Paschal full moon.  The Paschal full moon is the full moon that comes after the spring equinox, which is around March 21st.  Therefore, Easter call fall anywhere between March 22 and April 25, making this Easter (April 24) almost the latest possible. 

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