Wednesday, October 05, 2011

the professor

For some time now, I've been dreaming about the perfect picnic blanket. 

Whenever we want a blanket to sit on outside, it seems that nothing we have is quite right.  An old sheet?  Too thin.  A quilt?  Don't want to get it dirty.  Fleece blankets?  Everything clings to them. 

What we needed, of course, was a picnic blanket. 

I looked online.  The closest thing I could find to what I had in my head was Vera Bradley's Stadium Blanket.  But aside from having a fleece back, it was also a bit too girly.  And you know I love girly, but come on- I'm planning to throw this thing down in the woods

So, as is often the case, I decided to make it myself.  I chose some red and blue striped flannel for the front, thinking that it would be soft and washable and cheerful, all at the same time.  And, after much deliberation, I chose a khaki corduroy for the backing.  I wanted something sturdy, but soft, thick enough, but not too bulky.

The blanket is finished now and the overall effect is exactly what I hoped for.  If this blanket were a person, it would be an older college professor who wears plaid shirts and corduroy blazers with elbow patches.  And probably he smokes a pipe. 

We've already added "picnic" to the agenda for the weekend.  I'm super excited and I hope that it's cool enough to take a hot drink in our thermos.

Today I am working on a few projects for friends and family and listening to Steve whistle as he works from home in the dining room.  Definitely my favorite workday soundtrack. 

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