Monday, October 17, 2011

treat yo self

I am totally getting spoiled by these past few weekends.  Both the weather and the company have been top notch. 

We got to hang around with our oldest and dearest friends for the entire weekend.  None of this one day here, a few hours there, business that we end up doing so often out of necessity.  This was a full 48+ hours and every one was precious. 

We found a fall festival, complete with bales of hay, and brought at least half of it home in our shoes and cuffs. 

We practiced lots of action shots with our new camera.  And I do mean action. 

These girls are a barrel of fun. 

Which is not at all surprising because so are their parents. 

  Steve took most of the pictures this weekend, but I was able to snap a few. 

Don't you love how everything seems better with good friends?  The days are a little sunnier, the food a little tastier and you'd swear that even the TV shows are funnier.  We just giggled and ate and sunned our way through the weekend and I couldn't have enjoyed anything more.  What a treat. 

Today I've vacuumed and mopped and wiped fingerprints off of every surface in the house.  But as much as I love my clean floors, I'd cover them right back up with Cheerios if it meant they'd come back for another day. 

Natalie has been my best friend for 23 years.  She always acts like my advice is super valuable to her, eats everything I cook like it's the best meal she's ever had, and picks out beautiful actresses and says they look like me. 

How did I get so lucky? 

The theme of the weekend was "treat yo self" and I think we all did a splendid job.  Especially Adam, but he's had lots of practice. 

This week, I plan to treat myself to some time to work on a bunch of shop projects that I am very excited about.  And possibly some reading time in the hammock, just because. 

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  1. Thank you for being the hostess with the absolute MOSTEST. i couldn't love anyone more, what a delightful blog post for me to read and have the memories in my heart forever. this might have been the best trip ever. mia has picked up the special phrase of 'treat yo self'. she said last night, 'let's go get ice cream for me, Treat YO self' and adam and i and mia were laughing so hard we were crying. this might just top 'loose change' ;) oh and my curtains are gorgeous and look perfect- thank you a million times over!!!



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