Tuesday, October 18, 2011

lanyards are for everyone

Here is something very fun about my job:

Sometimes, I make a new product with one use in mind, only to come up with seventeen other uses once I really start thinking about it. 

Like these lanyards, for instance.  I made one, thinking about teachers who have to wear a badge every day and college students who carry an ID.   

 Lanyards = for teachers and students.  

But then I thought about how handy they would be for people who have to carry a few keys with them at all times.  I know there are lots of jobs that require keys and I also know that most women don't cram keys in their pocket, if they can help it. 

Lanyards = for women with jobs

But good grief, what about moms?   Couldn't they always use an extra hand (or three)?  Wouldn't it be great if they could clip on a pacifier?  Or the car keys, so that they can be easily unearthed from the bottom of the diaper bag? 

Lanyards = for moms

Then I started thinking about when I take a walk during the day.  I unhook my house key from all my other keys and stick it in my pocket and hope it doesn't fall out somewhere around the neighborhood.  Why don't I just put an extra house key on a lanyard by the door for an easy grab and go? 

Lanyards = for walkers. 

I think you can see where this is going....

Lanyards = for everyone. 

Be sure to stop by the shop today to check them out!  

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