Tuesday, October 11, 2011

we have so much fun together

Boy did we ever live it up this past weekend!  The weather was golden and perfect and we spent every possible second outside.  We had not one but TWO picnics. 

Come to think of it, this may have been my very first double picnic weekend. 

On Sunday, before we left the house, Steve asked "where's the professor?" 

I love that our blanket has a title. 

One of the places we picnic-ed was Belmont Abbey College.  Can you believe it's taken me this long to get back there to explore?  

As luck would have it, we managed to show up for homecoming weekend.  How do we always end up going to alumni events at schools we didn't attend?   Would you believe that we have never been to an alumni event at the college we both graduated from?  I'm not sure what this says about us, but I know it says something. 

As we strolled around campus, we were stopped by a gentleman from the class of '64. 

Him: Are you two students here?

Us: No, just visiting.

Him: Oh!  You're thinking about going to school here! 

Us: No... just visiting... we live nearby...

We found plenty of amusement in the fact that we went from looking like college students to high school students in the span of ten seconds.  I'm sure these kinds of conversations will only get funnier the farther into our 30s we get.

Our other picnic spot was at the Anne Springs Close Greenway.  Fewer alumni, more animals, equally great atmosphere. 

We feasted on chicken salad sandwiches, apple coleslaw, pimento cheese, and chocolate chip cookies.  You can see why we wanted to do this more than once. 

Along with lots of great pictures of the scenery, we also took plenty of pictures for the shop.  Be sure to check it out this week! 

We're both still learning how to use the new camera and having a great time doing it.  Steve reads the manual and tells me how to do stuff and then I run around and try to do what he said.  Teamwork. 

We dragged ourselves back into the real world this morning, but I think we still have a weekend glow about us.  Hopefully we can keep it going for another couple of days, right on into the next one! 

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  1. I actually posted a comment on this yesterday but it appears that I did it wrong again. Just wanted to say your pix are incredible and you look beautiful in them.
    Love you



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