Monday, June 06, 2011

same old, same old

It was just another ordinary weekend.  We kicked it off with dinner at the Waldhorn Restaurant and ate German food while listening to a man play the accordion.  He was wearing lederhosen, obviously. 

I know this would be a bit more believable if I could produce a picture, but you just can't make this stuff up. 

Besides, if I were making up a story about eating out, I doubt I would have included a rotund German man in leather shorts.  Even I'm not that creative. 

After such an illustrious start to the weekend, the logical thing to do on Saturday was crash the alumni weekend at a college we didn't attend. 

We were actually trying to photograph the party kits. 

The alumni had many helpful photography suggestions for Steve. 

And a few pretended to eat the large cupcake I was holding. 

I can't promise that things got any less weird when we pulled out wine glasses and pink lemonade and toasted each other over and over on this bench. 

Have you ever tried to stage a party using only two people? 

I think it should be the newest immunity challenge on Survivor. 

And so, after a long weekend of toasting and serving each other inedible cupcakes, I ended up with over 450 pictures and a whole new level of appreciation for my patient husband. 

He deserves a cupcake. 

One he can actually eat. 

With a little luck, the party kits will start showing up in the shop very soon.  When you see them, go ahead and pretend that the pictures were taken at an actual party.  One that was not broken up by the campus police. 

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  1. I love your new skirt! Oh and you still need to fill me in on the details of the German restaurant, maybe if I hadn't gone on and on about the constrictor up in our tree... :)



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