Wednesday, June 22, 2011

summer romance

In the summertime, Steve and I like to sit down with our planners and schedule some dates.  Not that we don't date during other seasons, but we always step it up a bit in the summer months. 

Since we try to schedule something weekly, the dates can be pretty simple.  Anything from coffee to Barnes and Noble to ice cream to a walk in a beautiful spot to renting a movie on a week night.  The main rule is that it has to be something out of the ordinary and fun for both of us. 

This morning we kicked off the summer romance with a coffee date before Steve left for work.  We went up the street to Starbucks, where we ran into our pastor, Bill.  It's just not romantic until Bill shows up. 

Then we walked around a lovely shopping center while we enjoyed our mocha and the cool morning air.  We always share a drink because we're frugal like that.  And also we're small and don't drink that much coffee.

Now I get to go about the rest of my day fueled by a great morning with my sweetheart.  I just can't get enough of that Steve. 

If you are wondering what I'm sewing these days, the truth is that I took a much needed break after the party kits.  But this week I am back at it, working on several custom orders and a few personal projects that keep getting pushed to the bottom of the list.  Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share later in the week!

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