Tuesday, June 28, 2011

S + L

This past weekend, we did a million little house projects and felt super productive.  One of the projects was to fill in the "mystery hole" in our patio with fresh cement.  (No, we did not know about the mystery hole when we bought the house and yes, next time we buy a house we will check underneath every door mat first.)

Steve let me carve our initials in the wet cement. 


I love that this is a permanent part of our home now.   I love that the next person to buy this house will probably spend time wondering about "S" and "L", just as we wonder about the mystery hole.  I love that Steve let me scratch up his perfectly smooth cement square.  

Other than completing household projects, we are gearing up for a couple big events this week and eating berries on absolutely everything.  I'll share some event pictures and recipes later in the week!

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