Friday, June 24, 2011


Steve's mom has excellent taste.  Every time we visit, I end up admiring things in her house and she usually sends me home with a few of them.  She is an avid thrift store shopper, something I don't quite have the patience for, and ends up with some beautiful finds. 

This visit was no different and I came home with a backseat full of bounty.  I love dishes, especially charming, slightly unmatching ones. 

These footed bowls are the perfect spot for the hydrangeas that I cut this morning.  They still need a bit more drying time, but I like to catch them before they lose all their color.  Remember last year's wreath

I also came home with this handy wristlet, a sweet gift from my sister in law.  And it matches my toenails.  Bonus. 

One of the projects I've been working on this week was a new laptop bag.  Our newish laptop doesn't fit in our old bag, so we bought an inexpensive sleeve for it and decided that I would make a bag for the sleeve to go in.  And Steve was such a good sport about the fact that our old laptop bag was hot pink, that I decided to make this one in his favorite color. 

In the process of making the bag, I learned how to make these snazzy elastic side pockets and now I want to put elastic pockets on everything.  Don't you think elastic is just so great?  It's right up there with duct tape and peanut butter. 

Today I'm enjoying the cooler air and hoping it sticks around for the weekend.  I love Friday- right on the edge of the weekend is my favorite spot of the week!  Next week, let's talk about food again, shall we?  It's been too long.  I'll share some recipes and you can wonder why I take so many pictures of what I eat.  Deal?  Deal.

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