Tuesday, June 21, 2011

route 29

The drive is usually the least memorable part of the trip, but this past weekend it turned into an event in itself.  We have been driving the same route to and from Steve's family's house for six years now.  I don't know exactly what made us take a new path, but here's to shaking things up a bit. 

The scenery was everything I'd hoped for and more- farms, horses, cows, fences, trees, crops.  Noticeably missing from this trip: large trucks, traffic, and fast food.  I did see a few McDonald's, but they were not the norm.  The roads felt quiet and empty, like we were taking a Sunday drive in the country.  Which I guess is exactly what we were doing on the way home on Sunday. 

We stopped a lot more than usual, but there were so many great places to stop!  Our first stop was at the North Carolina welcome center, which is a cute little house with a wraparound porch. 

And water pumps.  We tried one, just to make sure they worked. 

For lunch, we stopped at a precious little place, appropriately named "Travelers". 

Chicken salad and sweet potato fries sure beat fast food in my book. 

There was so much picture taking and pointing and looking out the windows that seven hours flew right by.  This wasn't some boring drive.  We were exploring new territory! 

(Just when we started to feel like Lewis and Clark, they showed up on a monument around Charlottesville.)

There were so many places that we didn't get to stop, but wished we could have.  I already have a list in my head for the next time we go. 

The truest test of the new route was if we would use it for our return trip or not. 

We did. 

It was equally grand.

You just can't beat rural charm. 

Or trains that run parallel to the road for so long that you feel like you may just be going to the same place.

All in all- a complete success.  As great as it was, it's even greater to be home again and I secretly love going away because it makes me appreciate our house anew every time we return. 

Today feels like the perfect start to summer- hot and sunny and fresh cut grass and watermelon and wet hair on bare shoulders.  Hope yours is off to an equally satisfying start!

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