Friday, August 27, 2010

I bought this whole book for just one page

...but I think we can all agree that this page is pretty amazing.

I mean, look at those tiny vegetables! Just look at them!

A basket full of eggplant? WITH LITTLE SPRIGS OF GRASS STITCHED ALL AROUND IT! I honestly can't think of when I've seen anything more precious.

Except for maybe, of course, two little mushrooms stitched on a button.

The book, if you were wondering, is Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts. I didn't even expect to like it. I had heard about it and read some good reviews, but it just didn't seem like the type of sewing book that I would want to own.

Until I opened a copy. Steve and I were on a date at Barnes and Noble (which is pretty fun and I totally recommend and sometimes we have to stop ourselves from going on B&N dates too often, lest they become mundane) and I was looking through a stack of sewing books. The Martha Stewart book was one of them and I was surprised as soon as I opened it that there were multiple projects inside that I would like to make. And lots of ideas for projects that you could really make your own, which is definitely my thing.

And then I stumbled upon page 169 and fell in love with the tiny vegetables. I even said to Steve, "I would buy this book just to own this page right here". I believe he agreed, right then and there, that it was a wonderful page, because really- what else are you going to do when your wife falls in love with tiny vegetables?

I know I have mentioned my love of stitching before, but this was taking stitching to a whole new level. The veggies, I found out, were stitched with silk embroidery ribbon. Oooo la la. I have never worked with silk embroidery ribbon before and I love trying new supplies. So today, when I was making my weekly fabric order and needed a few more items in the cart to reach my goal of free shipping, I selected (with much delight, as I'm sure you can imagine) six colors of embroidery ribbon to call my own.

I wonder if the UPS man will find it strange if I am sitting on the front porch waiting for him.

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