Tuesday, August 31, 2010

home again

I love being home. But gosh was it hard to leave this little angel.
It was a short visit, but there was time for the important things. Time to sit and talk, time to eat together, time for baby holding.

And let's not forget the other center of attention.

What a fun and funny girl she is. I love that she talks nonstop and that she is learning to make jokes and that she and Steve played and played until they both needed a nap.

I miss them already. And we won't even talk about the two grown-ups, who rarely get their pictures taken, but are still two of my favorite people in the world. I miss them too.

Thankfully, there is much to do to keep my mind off the missing. This week, I am working on three custom orders, as well as a new item for the shop. And although the shop item was originally going to be a set of throw pillows, I believe that the exciting things arriving by UPS today may find themselves worked into a project.
Right now, I'm sticking close to the front door. I am sewing and cleaning and biding my time until I hear the deep rumble of the UPS truck, a sound that is sweeter to my ears than the ice cream truck music. I'll probably fling open the door. The driver will probably be scared. But I think that's just one of the risks you sign up for when your job is to deliver exciting things to people's homes.

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