Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet Rose

Isn't she amazing? How is it possible to love a baby so much that you've never officially met? I don't know, but I'm hooked. Head over heels for this little girl, who is sure to bring as much joy into my life as her parents

and her big sister.

You are one lucky, lucky girl, Rose. And I plan to enjoy you as much as I can now, while you're still a baby. Because before long, before we even know what has happened, you'll be growing up. I bet it will seem like no time at all before you're as old as your mom and I were when we started this lifetime adventure of our friendship. We'll tell you stories about "when we were your age" and you probably won't be able to believe some of them. About how silly we were, how much fun we had, how we've had less than three fights in our 20+ years of friendship and one of them involved a hamster.

The fabric for your diaper bag is sitting on my ironing board and I can't wait to get started on it. The only activities that sound appealing right now are ones that involve making things for you and dreaming about what you are like and passing the time until I get to hold you and really know you.

But for now I'll just sit here and hold you in my heart, just like I've been doing every day since December when I heard you were coming. And you just stay right there and be a baby. Don't grow up before I get there.

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