Tuesday, August 17, 2010

still learning

I made this super cute and handy zippered pouch last week. The fabric is Amy Butler's Sandalwood, which I think is a gorgeous print. I made up the pattern myself, which led to a few technical difficulties, which led to me deciding yesterday not to sell the pouch but to keep it. Which is totally okay with me, because I can already think of ten things I would use it for.

This could be a slow week, shop-wise, because I have so many non-shop projects to finish. Gifts and orders from friends and a skirt just for me.

I think that this is more of a gathering week. I am gathering ideas from people about projects they want. Gathering fabric, both online and at Mary Jo's. Gathering experience with zippers (see above) for the great diaper bag project.

And, at the moment, gathering all the wrinkly clothing and linens in the house (why are there so many? are they multiplying? did they talk to each other and cook this up?) for a good long ironing session. It's a glamorous life, but somebody's got to lead it.

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