Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I love to stitch. I think it is a combination of the lovely thread colors, the relaxing repetitive-ness, and the portability. I really value portable pastimes. All I really need to survive a long wait at the DMV is a library book and something to stitch. I can stitch anywhere. I can stitch at someone else's house. I can stitch outside. I can stitch while watching a movie, talking on the phone, or riding in the car.

I also love plants that can survive a month of 100 degree weather, no problem. Like my lantana. The grass is dead. The vegetables are dead. All the other flowers are wilted beyond belief. But the lantana? Cool as a cucumber, brightening up the front yard, standing tall like it's just been watered (which is not the case because it's usually just the wilted plants that get watered). Next year I think I will save myself the trouble and only buy lantana. We can't eat it, but it sure looks good.

Know what I do not love? Caterpillars. Caterpillars that aren't satisfied with eating the entire oak tree in the front yard- oh no, they want more. They want to come in the house. They crawl along the front door, hoping to sneak in. Well, sorry caterpillars. I'm onto your game and I'm not opening the door. And don't even try the handle, because it's locked.

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