Friday, November 04, 2011

an "eat your wheaties" kind of weekend

There is a six foot table set up in our dining room, covered with bags and belts and pillows and scarves.  It appears that we may actually be hosting a craft fair right here in our own home.  Which would be very cozy, but probably not get a lot of foot traffic. 

It is thrilling to see so many things that I've made all piled up together like this.  I love having tangible evidence.  Of anything.  I love doing housework that you really notice.  I love mowing the lawn- instant gratification.  So, of course, my favorite part of sewing is the finished product. 

Tonight we will load all of these finished products into the car.  Tomorrow, we will drag ourselves out of the house before it is light outside and attempt to set everything up again.  I don't know if we can get a church fellowship hall to look as cozy as our dining room, but we're sure going to try. 

I've been working on some limited edition Christmas pillows and am taking a few samples to see how they do.  These are going to be a part of my new party line of products that I'll be sharing more about in the coming weeks. 

Along with the craft fair, we have friends coming to stay this weekend, which we're super excited about, and about a million and three other things going on.  It feels like the holidays already and I don't mind a bit!

Hope your weekend is happy and festive!  I'll meet you back here Monday!

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