Tuesday, November 08, 2011

craft fair: the inside scoop

So- the craft fair

To be perfectly honest, my impression of the craft fair is that it was not so much an amazing business opportunity as it was a fun way to spend a Saturday. 

The fair took place in two large rooms.  There were about 50 vendors, selling everything from jewelry to Christmas ornaments to Mary Kay cosmetics.  And, of course, hand sewn goods

We counted about 200 people that walked by our table during the show.  My favorite part was when someone would pick up a purse and try it out or admire the hand stitching on a burp cloth or compliment my choice of fabrics.  Since I sell so much online, it is a treat for me to watch people interact with my products and take note of what they like or what they would change. 

One example is that three different people mistook the pink birds baby blanket for a table runner.  They were each really sad when I told them it was not.  Note to self: make a bird table runner. 

It was really fun to see people we knew and I was so appreciative that friends were willing to stop by to support us in our first craft fair!

We also had a great time chatting with Lou and Ashley, best friends who were selling jewelry right next to us.  Their stuff was gorgeous and I spent at least half an hour coveting Lou's amazing boots and wondering if I am cool enough to pull off boots like hers. 

I started hankering for some barbecue sometime around 10:45am.  I started hinting that it was time to eat somewhere around 11:15.  At noon, Steve sauntered over to the other building to get our lunch (he was obviously not as hungry as I). 

When he came back with a delicious box of goodness, I remembered that I wanted some pictures of the barbecue men, so I sent him back over with the camera. 

He said they refused to pose, so this is all we got. 

Preparing for the fair gave me some great momentum that has continued on into this week.  I'm working through a major list of projects and will share some pictures and details in a few days! 

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  1. Your table looks beautiful!! I love you use the stands.



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