Friday, December 02, 2011

snowflake machine

Earlier this week, I bought a fancy new sewing machine.  It's actually the first sewing machine I have ever purchased- Steve's mom let me pick out my first machine as a Christmas gift and my sweet former boss bought my serger as a going away gift. 

Who knew that a sewing machine would come in a box the size of a large dog house?  We almost didn't fit it in the car. 

I had several custom orders to finish this week and it was so much fun to practice on my new machine, while also getting work done.  I have mainly just used the regular old straight stitches, but it also does embroidery!  I think that we might monogram everything we own this weekend, just because. 

One feature that I particularly love are the snowflakes.  It was the only machine with snowflakes.  I'm not saying that influenced my decision, but let's be honest- it may have. 

I can't wait to show you some of the things I embroider over the weekend!  We've got big plans for decking the halls around here, plus a Plumfield Shop open house on Sunday!  Sunday afternoon from 3-5pm our door will be open, the cider will be hot, and tons of Plumfield Shop goodies will be on display- including plenty of items that haven't made it to the online shop yet.  I have lots of fun product ideas for the new year and need to free up some space, so everything will also be 20% off! 

Hope your weekend is merry!

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