Friday, September 28, 2012

tiny visitor

Yesterday afternoon, I was in the family room, hanging wet laundry on the drying rack.  I glanced over and saw what looked like a tangle of thread on the carpet under the coffee table. 
There's always thread on the floor here. 
I went to the laundry room for more cloths and, when I came back, the thread had moved to the side of the love seat. 

This was a new one.  I walked closer to investigate the magical moving thread.

Clearly, I need a stronger contact prescription. 
You may be surprised to find out that I was less upset to find a lizard on my sofa than I would have been if it was a bug of the same size.  Lizards are a little cute, almost.  People keep them as pets.  Nobody gets their kid a millipede for Christmas. 

It wasn't difficult to get my new friend outside.  It was a bit harder to get him to let go of the orange cup, which he was clinging to as if his life depended on it.  I finally had to fling him off and send him sailing across the yard.  Not how I usually like to say goodbye to a guest, but he was uninvited. 
Is anyone else thrilled to pieces that it's Friday?  We have a busy weekend ahead, but it's a different kind of busy than the weekdays, so I don't mind.  Plus, busy with Steve is a thousand times better than busy apart.
I hope you're able to make the most of this last September weekend!  

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